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Internal News

Working visit by National Assembly Commission of Science, Technology and Environment to NAVETCO National Veterinary J.S.C

Update on Mon, 13.10.2014
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On the occasion of Vietnam Business Day (13/10), on 12.10.2014, the Union Committee of Science, Technology and Environment of the National Assembly has paid visit to NAVETCO National Veterinary Company, a company with many experience in vaccine, veterinary medicine and veterinary products manufacturing to understand the Company’s actual operation situation and take note of Company’s suggestions on the Animal Health Law that shall be submitted to the National Assembly for consideration during National Assembly Meeting Session No. 08 (October 2014). 

The delegation was led by Comrade Phan Xuan Dung , Party Central Committee member, member of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly, Chairman of the Commission of Science, Technology and Environment. 

In welcoming the delegation, there has been presence of NAVETCO Board of Directors and Directors of the Departments. The Commission has visited the Company Main office and GMP-WHO qualified Manufacturing Plant in Binh Duong. 


Working with the delegation, Dr. Pham Quang Thai - Chairman, General Director of the Company reported on its activities in the production, sales in the recent past as well as recommendations on prioritizing the use of domestic products. This will give encouragement to domestic enterprises in development investment, employment resolution for workers as well as saving of foreign currency for import. 

In conclusion, Comrade Phan Xuan Dung noted the Company suggestions and will send these suggestions to the concerned authorities for further resolution.

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