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( Vaccine Freeze-dried )


Vaccine contains the live-attenuated Newcastle virus, Lasota strain, propagated in embryonated chicken eggs. The vaccine can stimulate a strong antibody response and induce a durable immunity more than strain F.


  • Active substance: Each dose contains at least 106EID50 of Newcastle virus, Lasota strain.
  • Excipients: Skimmed milk.


For the active immunization to protect healthy chickens against Newcastle disease.


Do not use for unhealthy chickens.

Administration and Dosage:

  • Administration:
    • Administration route: by intraocular, drinking-water.
    • Rehydrate vaccine with diluent.
      • Remove seal and stopper from vaccine and diluent vials. Avoid contamination of stoppers and contents.
      • Add diluent to the vaccine vial until appropriate volume. Shake until contents are dissolved.
    • For Intraocular Vaccination:
      • Rehydrate vaccine with diluent.
      • Calculate the final volume appropriate to dropper (Check quantity of drops each ml of dropper before use. Usually each ml can vaccinate for 8-10 chicks).
      • Pour rehydrated vaccine into dropper.
      • To vaccinate intraocularly, place 2 drops of vaccine (1 dose) in the eyes.
      • To vaccinate by mouth, place 2 drops of vaccine (1 dose) in the mouth.
    • For Drinking-water Vaccination:   
      • Discontinue use of medications or sanitizing agents in the drinking water 24 hours before vaccinating.
      • Rehydrate vaccine with diluent. Calculate the final volume appropriate, as follows:
        • Chickens 25 - 45 days old: 10 doses/ 5ml / head
        • Chickens 45 days old: 10 doses/ 7 – 10 ml / head
        • Chickens 45 days old or older: 10 doses/ 12–15 ml / head
      • Water used for the drinking-water administration of a live virus vaccine must be non-chlorinated.
      • Do not place the waterers in direct sunlight and should be used within 2-3 hours.
      • Withhold water for 1-2 hours before vaccination.
  • Vaccination schedule:
    • Vaccinate for 2 weeks old or older chickens, after vaccinated with Newcastle vaccine, strain F at least 14 days.
    • Dosage:
      • Intraocular Vaccination: 1 dose / head
      • Drinking-water Vaccination: 10 doses / head 


  • Do not use vaccine bottles which are broken, unsealed, lost label, lost batch number – manufacture date – expiry date, expired, atrophied cake.
  • Use sterile injection equipment.
  • Vaccine should be used within 2 hours after reconstitution
  • Generally, some weak respiratory reactions may occur after vaccination. So, this vaccine should be used for revaccination after vaccination of Newcastle vaccine, strain F and only be used for chickens with no-sign of Chonic Respiratory Disease (CRD).

Shelf life:

18 months from manufacture date.


Multi-dose vial contains 100 doses, 500 doses.


Store at 2oC-8oC. Protect from light. Do not freeze.