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Each 2 ml contains: 

  • Na Cloprostenol (Equivalent to 175 mcg Cloprostenol) 184 mcg
  • Excipient q.s. 2ml


  • Navet-Prostag is used to stimulate simultaneous farrowing for sows. Simultaneous farrowing shall avoid night or scattered farrowing, facilitate farm management and cost savings. 
  • Navet-Prostag also works to induce easier farrowing, reducing mortality rate in neonatal piglets. 
  • Inducing simultaneous oestrus. 
  • Treatment of anoestrus, hidden oestrus due to retained corpus luteum
  • Expulsion of amniotic fluid, retained placenta, dead fetus. 
  • Dissolve into semen to increase conception rates. 


  • Pigs: For intramuscular injection. Dose of 2 ml / animal. 
    • Use to stimulate simultaneous sow farrowing. Average sow pregnancy period of 115 days, injection of NAVET-Prostag on day 112, the sows shall farrow within 24-32 hours after injection. 
    • Prevention of metritis, retained placenta: injection of 01 dose 48 hours after farrowing. 
    • Increase conception rate and number of piglets/ litter: dissolve 1 ml into semen
  • Cattle: For intramuscular injection. Dose of 4 ml / animal. 
    • Stimulating oestrus and ovulation: injection on days 10-15 of the oestrous period, oestrus shall be induced after 3-4 days. If not, repeat after 11 days. Induce insemination 3-4 days after injection.
    • Treatment of anoestrus, hidden oestrus: Injection of 1 dose. If oestrus is still not observed, repeat after 11 days. 
  • Horses: For intramuscular injection. Dose of 2 ml / animal. 
    • To stimulate oestrus. Injection of 02 doses within 14-18 days. Ovulation at date 6-12 days after second injection. 
    • Treatment of Metritis: 01-02 injections. 
  • Goats, Sheep: For intramuscular inection. Dose of 3-4ml / animal.
    • To stimulate oestrus. Injection at date 05 of the oestrus period and repeat after 11 days. Oestrus shall be stimulated within 30-48 hours after the second injection.
    • To stimulate simultaneous farrowing: one injection at date 144 onwards of the pregnancy period. Animal shall farrow within 28-60 hours.
  • Dogs, cats: For intramuscular or subcutaneous injection. Dose of 0.01ml/ kg body weight (can be diluted with normal saline or distilled water for easy injection). 
    • To induce miscarriage: injection in first half of pregnancy period. 03 injections, each 48 hours after previous dose.
    • Treatment of metritis:  1-2 injections. 


  • Withdrawal period before slaughtering: 24 hours after injection. 
  • Avoiding too early injections which might cause premature farrowing, or weak neonatal pigs. 
  • Pregnant women should avoid direct contact with the medicine through skin. 


Bottle of 10ml, 20ml. 


Store in a cool, dry place, protect from light.