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( Inactivated Vaccine )


  • Vaccine contains E. coli strains carrying adhesive factors F4, F18; has ability to produce toxins LT, ST and especially is toxin Stx2e. Vaccine is created basing on applying two modern technologies: Microbial fermentation technology is used to culture E. coli strains and Gene technology is used to produce recombinant protein toxin antigen Stx2e, the important toxin causing edema disease. This is inactivated vaccine with formalin used like inactivated agent and immune adjuvant aluminum hydroxide
  • Vaccine is safe and effective in prevention of edema disease and diarrhea in piglets with the methodology of causing proactive immunity to piglets (or) vaccination for sows in pregnant period to supply the disease prevention ability for piglets by receiving the colostrum
  • Antibody response could be detected after 7-10 days injecting vaccine and pigs having the completely immune status after applying booster dose on 14 days


  • E.coli  10 x 109 CFU/ml
  • Protein toxin Stx2e  25-50 µg/ml
  • Immune adjuvant  Aluminum hydroxide


Use to cause the proactive immunity to prevent edema and diarrhea disease caused by E.coli on piglets after and before weaning.



Administration and Dosage:

  • Administration route: Intramuscular injection at behind ear site or subcutaneous. Shake well before use.
  • Piglets:
    • Primary vaccination: 1ml/head at 10-14 days old, by subcutaneous or intramuscular injection.
    • Booster: 2ml/head after 7-10 days of primary vaccination.
  • Sows: Inject first time at 5-6 weeks before giving birth and booster at 2-3 weeks before giving birth. Dose is 2ml/head, by intramuscular or subcutaneous injection.


  • Only vaccinate to healthy pigs. Do not use for weak, fever, chronic pigs and less appetite.
  • Vaccine product should be achieved room temperature in natural way before using.
  • Do not use expired vaccine product, cracked, tear or unclear label or not stored at indicated storage temperature. The open product must be used completely within a day.
  • Inject pregnant pigs softly; avoid panic to pigs, minimize the factors when injecting can cause sows to miscarry due to mechanical.
  • In some rarest case, depend on animals, small ratio of pigs after inject the product having undesirable reaction (very susceptible). In those cases, need to report to veterinarians handling promptly and recommend to use adrenaline combination with others treatment drugs.
  • Syringe, needle and other tools used to vaccinate need to be sterilized, note the needle change periodically during vaccination.
  • To achieve a good preventive effect after vaccination, combine vaccination with epidemic sanitation and nurturing care.
  • Only use the vaccine for the identified purpose (indicated for treatment).
  • Follow the administration and dosage written on label.


  • Before first opening: 18 months since the manufactured date at the storage condition 2-8oC.
  • After first opening: must use product within a day.


  • Container: Vaccine is packed in glass or plastic bottle.
  • Volume: 2ml; 5ml; 10ml; 20 ml; 50 ml; 100 ml; 200ml; 250ml and 500ml.


  • Store at 2-8oC, protect from light, do not freeze.
  • During transportation, products need to keep in Styrofoam box with gel-ice, protect from light.